July 2014 Julep Box Review: Boho Glam/It Girl

My Julep Box for 2014 came in!  Julep originally typed me as a ‘bombshell’ but I wasn’t really feeling the Bombshell colors too much.  I ended up swapping all 3 choices out.  :D

But anyway—this month (July 2014) featured a Poolside collection.  The colors were all mostly bright, very summer/water inspired!  The featured product was Bare Body Polish and Bare Body Milk.


I opted to get:

Braiden – It Girl (Graphite Stardust, textured matte glitter)

Tamara – Boho Glam (Lipstick red creme)

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat



Do any of you subscribe to Julep?  I really like the way that the polish applies (so smooth!).  I feel like my manicures don’t last that long though—less than a week and then LOTS Of chipping!  My toe polish has been okay though.  I suspect the issue may be with the Freedom Gel Top Coat….but I’ve got to do more experimenting to be sure.  One more box to go!  I think my ‘extra’ will be the cuticle remover.

How to Style: Combat Boots

I recently added a pair of Combat Boots to my life.  Yes, recently.  I know, I know.  You guys are all super stylish and are too nice/honest to tell me that it’s taken me FOREVER to jump on this style wagon (or that it was so last season) but awww I’ve always wanted a pair!  It was hard for me to buy something other than slippers (AKA flip-flops, to everyone not in Hawaii.  But slippers!  That’s what we call them here, and they are the best.  I promise  Especially Olukais, I’m on my 4th pair.)  The reason why it’s taken me so long is that I honestly thought it’d be totally impractical for Hawaii-wear….but there’s hope!

I didn’t realize how cute these boots are with dresses!


…and that they’re entirely wearable with shorts.  This is probably my #1 requirement.

I think my favorite way that I’ll try and wear them is with skinny jeans.


And with skirts.  I’ve got a pretty good collection of cute skirts, I think.


AHHH I wish it got colder here!  These boots are so awesome with scarves.  :(


Maybe I should have saved my money and bought another bikini.  ;_;  No!  I’m determined to avoid buyer’s remorse!  Do you have any advice/suggestions about wearing and styling my new kicks?  If you’d love to share, I’d love to hear it!

Birchbox Subscription on sale at Gilt City!

AHHH for those of you who currently aren’t Birchbox subscribers—-here’s your chance!  A one year subscription (PLUS a $25 credit to the BB store) is going for $99 (regular $135) on Gilt City right now.


This deal also works for subscribers who haven’t received a box in a 3 months.  What a deal!   You can save an additional 25% off if you’re new to Gilt City by clicking here.

If you’re on the fence about subscribing….I’d say just do it!  Getting a monthly present in the mail of new beauty samples to play with is a GREAT pick-me-up, especially when I’ve been having a hard week.  Check out my past Birchboxes here.  Happy Aloha Monday, everyone!  Have a great week!

Wishlist: Tory Burch for Fitbit Collection

AHHH have you guys seen the new Tory Burch for Fitbit collection?  It’s absolutely, to die for.

PS: A Fitbit, if you didn’t know, is an activity tracker that keeps track of how many steps you’ve taken, how many floors you’ve climbed, and how many calories you’ve burned!  I absolutely love mine—it helps to motivate me, especially on very lazy days (when I’ve only taken 2,000 steps and its past noon.  *SIGH*)

Metal Hinged Bracelet – $195

Metal Pendant Necklace – $175

Silicone Printed Bracelet – $38

Silicone Printed Bracelet – $38

I currently have a Fitbit One, which I liked more than the Fitbit Flex (which is what Tory designed the new collection for) because when I run and do exercises where I’d get all sweaty, I didn’t want my activity tracker to also…get…sweaty…

But ahhhhh man, I love that metal hinged bracelet!  It’s beautiful!  It’s made of solid brass so I forsee no allergy issue, and it’d be the most stylish way I can think of to log my daily steps (when not at the gym).  B isn’t too big of a fan, though.  “For that price, I’ll just buy you a bracelet.”  Which is true….but ahh, c’mon!  This is the coolest Fitbit accessory that I’ve seen.  I’m in love!  What do you guys think?  The silicone bracelets are WAY more affordable and they still give you super cool Tory style without breaking the bank….I wish she’d design a collection for us One users, as well.

June 2014 From the Lab: Lip Color Stick Nos. 335, 336, & 337

This is my second From the Lab box—this month, they celebrated their first anniversary by introducing their first ever color collection.  Lipsticks!  Or ‘lip color sticks,’ rather.

Fun, flirty colors delivered in a sophisticated, long-wear formula that lasts up to 8 hours.  Lip Color Stick Nos. 335, 336, and 337 combine high gloss, creamy texture, and pure color pigments into a single lip coverage that nourishes your lips and keeps them smooth, supple, and hydrated.



No. 335 is a bold, playful pink that brightens up your skin tone and your smile.  Its color depends on your complexion~

No. 336 is a sheer, beachy melon when applied with a light swipe and a bright, trending coral when the coverage is built up.  Great for a day look.

No. 337 is a classic red with blue undertones that compliments every complexion.



And more product info:

  • These are ‘all-in-one’ products that replace your lip pencil, gloss, and lipstick.
  • No need to sharpen—twist up as needed.
  • Estimated retail value: $70+


I’m not a lipstick person so I wasn’t jumping for joy when I got my box—but to be fair, I was open-minded.  I had a really good experience with last month’s lip product so if anything, I had a pretty good feeling about this!

I opened No. 336 (the coral) to try it out, because it was my favorite over the pink and the red (which seemed a little intimidating [strong colors] but I’m sure they’ll be fine as long as I don’t build the coverage up tooooo much.)

Creamy, check!  Good coverage, check!  Hydrating, check!  The stick applied very smoothly—the texture was more like a lip balm then a lipstick, and the color was GREAT.  I really like this melon/coral tint!  It lasts for a WHILE but….I didn’t like that it was so….sparkly.  Yes, I felt a bit like a Twilight vampire (YES a Twilight joke), especially because the first time I tried it out was at work.  A bit of sparkle is fine for the weekend and after I clock out for the day….but I’d prefer not to glisten under the lights of my conference room during a meeting.   The product sheet claimed that it could replace my lip gloss as well, but I didn’t think the finish was particularly glossy.




In the end, yeah.  Definitely on the fence on this one, but it’s alright?   I like that From the Lab sent three of these lip sticks and after a couple days of experimenting, I discovered the perfect balance of coverage (not much, maybe one and a half swipes) to still get a nice tint with minimal sparkliness for work.

Very curious to see what next week’s product will be like!  I still have my fingers crossed for a mask or some moisturizer.  Maybe if I’m lucky, a serum?