Rachel Zoe, Box of Style: Fall 2016

FALL!  After the Spring and Summer Box of Style offerings, unfortunately, I do have to admit that my interest in the Hero Item (throughout this subscription) has been…dwindling.  I loved a few (Miansai Cuff, Cluse Watch, Cambridge Clutch) and sold a bunch on eBay or Poshmark (Luv AJ necklace and Leather Bucket Bag).  Overall, I still love this sub because it’s FUN, still practical, and isn’t TOO much of a credit-card-killer.


This is what I got in this quarter’s box:

  • HERO ITEM: The Colorblock.  Donni Charm, Wonder Cape ($197)
  • The Cinch.  B-Low, The Belt, Gatsby Wrap Belt ($105)
  • The Statement Maker. IT Cosmetics Brow Power, Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24)
  • The Perfect Pout. IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush, Hydrating Gloss Stain ($24)
  • The Eye-Catcher.  Rachel Zoe, Tassel Bracelet ($95)
  • The Styling Tool.  Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Lint Removing Sheets ($6)


Let’s start with the Hero Item.  I’m not really sure how to feel about this–I like the idea but the black/white contrast is REALLY strong.  I realize this is the push-the-envelope fashion item but I’m not really sure that’ll work for me.  (There is a 75% chance that this will end up on eBay or Poshmark).  I do appreciate the versatility of it all–the RZ style card shows 4 different ways to wear this but I’m afraid that I’ll drown in all of that sleeve fabric.  I might have been more in love with this if it were a nice, solid color (or a really pretty, soft heathered tone) but that’s boring and typical and oh, RZ.  I know why you sent this to us (but I’m not sure if I’m that adventurous, especially here in Hawaii).


What I do like, very very very much, is the cinch belt.  I know what y’all saying about tassels but I still love them!  I LOVE that this belt is BLACK because it’ll go with everything and I can cinch my clothing at either my waist or my hips.  I belieeeeeeeeve that this item is leather.

I’ve never tried IT Cosmetics before–I’m interested in the brow pencil and intrigued by the lip product because it’s a glossy stain.  I hope it’s not sticky–I’m assuming that it’s not because the styling card does say that it can be blended onto the cheeks.


How do you guys feel about the TASSEL bracelet?  (I kind of like it, it’s like RZ is showing how tassels can go from summer to fall.)  This bracelet is rather heavy but I like it because the design is strong enough to be worn on it’s own.  Are these perhaps the first RZ products to make its way into RZ’s own subscription box?  I am forgetful, perhaps there were some earrings in Spring or so.  Oh well.


And those lint sheets—they will definitely be used!  I wear a lot of black pants and I feel like those are the days that Zuko tends to crawl into my lap as I’m putting on my makeup or getting dressed.  It’s like he knows.  ;_;  Interestingly, the last Popsugar box that I received also had a lint roller in it.

Okay that’s everything!  What did you guys think?  Overall, I’m not too ecstatic about the box items for this season.  I feel positive about at least two of the items, neutral about most of them, and negative about the Hero Item (which I was hoping that I’d love but I don’t).  Definitely looking forward to Winter’s Box!  I feel like Winter is the strongest Box of Style selection because Christmas/Holiday boxes are always special!

September 2016 Birchbox: Go Forth and Multitask

Go Forth and Multitask!  Just from the title, I was expecting those products like…an eyeshadow that doubles as a highlighter or a creme lip product that can also be used as a blush. (But time-saving things are good too.  ;])

Also–are you guys saving your boxes?  I tend to save mine and give gifts in them because you don’t even need wrapping paper!  Just a little twine or ribbon and you’re good to go.


First things first: That Milk Mascara!  I feel like for the past couple months, Milk products have been pushed at us more and more.  Look at that brush!  I love it already.  One of my Makeup Is Forever mascaras has a brush (not as fun at this one but) with a tapered end and it makes my inner and outer lashes look AMAZING.  The tube reminds me of the Eyeko mascara–I think I’m forever going to have product regret for giving it away while I had extensions.  I’ve heard so many people talk about it!

Other items of interest: The Unwash Bio-Cleanser which is a replacement for shampoo and conditioner.  Not sure if this’ll work very well for me because I have thinner hair–I have a feeling this will make me feel a little greasy.  I AM stoked to get that Bioderma micellar solution because these things are great and Bioderma is supposed to be one of the better ones!  Woohoo!

I’m definitely looking forward to that Oribe body wash cause c’mon, it’s Oribe.  The Lemon Rinse seems like it’ll work alright for me–I have the leave-in conditioner and it works great for days that I don’t want to put any heavier creams in my hair (the consistency is kind of liquidy).  I’m wary of the LOC pencil because the colors tend to be very very very bright and I’m a scaredy cat who prefers nudes and pinks.

Did you guys get anything fun in September?



Scratch MMB – September 2016

YES Scratch’s Monthly Mani Box is back!  It’s now being curated by Nina of NinaNailedIt.  I absolutely LOVE this month’s design–it’s very similar to my current favorite wrap design:


Roppongi Glam by Brittney TOKYO ($10)

I love the MMB packaging–it’s this really beautiful, eyecatching gold that is an AMAZING thing to receive in the mail.  Doesn’t it make you happy, just looking at it?  (This is the the same packaging that MMB was using before).


I’m currently wearing Tessellated right now!

Since this is the first box that Nina’s curating, MMB included this handwritten note from Nina herself.  I saw a clip of her application on youtube–honestly, I totally recommend watching it.  I feel like I’ve been applying my wraps wrong this WHOLE TIME.  The bonus item was a set of 4 little golden triangles.  You’ll need nail glue to make these stick (OR if you have a gel kit, these work GREAT with gel nails).


Woohoo!  Clear nail designs are my favorite because they’re a little more forgiving with application and wear.

Next month’s pattern isn’t clear but I’m glad they send out spoilers!  I absolutely LOVE spoilers.  I feel like the October pattern is perfect–I’ve been seeing florals EVERYWHERE lately (especially on bomber jackets).  I also rather like that these aren’t seasonal or related to a holiday–those kinds of patterns are fun but I’m not sure if I’d want to wear it for two weeks.


What’d you guys think? This is one of my favorite subscriptions–its so versatile and I always get compliments at work whenever I apply a new set.

August 2016 Birchbox: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

I like the theme this month–eking out the last bit of summer!  In Hawaii, we’ve actually got maybe…3 months of summer left.  October is when it FINALLY starts to cool down a little–it’ll finally be appropriate to wear a SWEATER.  Leather boots might be pushing it a little but I’m determined to wear them in my office!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.32.50 PM

This month, Birchbox sent me:

  1. Manna Kadar Cosmetics – Day-Dream Palette
  2. REN – Flash Hydro Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion
  3. ProfilePRO – Ultra Nourishing Oil (for hair)
  4. Avene – Micellar Lotion
  5. R+CO – BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste

YAYYYY I’m really happy!  REN is one of my FAVORITE brands–I really like the serum products that they make.  I’ve always wanted to try an R+CO product because (selfishly, the packaging is beautiful and) I’ve only heard rave reviews  about their things.  ALSO, I’ve never tried dry shampoo as a paste.  It sounds like a messy application but I’m wondering if you get the oil-absorbing perk without the sticky feeling that I get with the sprays.  Hmm.

Also interesting is the Manna Kadar product–again, I’m assuming its a small little sample size of perhaps two colors.  I just got a Manna Kadar eyeshadow in my Serendipity by LLB (Little Lace Box) and I really liked it!  The packaging wasn’t impressive but the product blended well (with the right amount of pigmentation) and the shade that I received worked wonders for my skintone.

I’ve never heard of ProfilePRO but I always welcome a light oil to rub on my ends (both on clean hair days and to help tame down the ends on 2nd day hair) and I’ll never turn down anything micellar.  I prefer this over regular eye-makeup remover and I’ve never tried a lotion yet, all of the ones I’ve bought or received were liquids.  Very interesting!

Hope you guys got something good in your boxes!  I’m actually rather digging the fact that this box is more skincare and style oriented versus just pure makeup.  Good job, switching it up, Birchbox!