An Etsy Valentine’s Day

The infamous V-day is right around the corner~  B and I don’t really do too much. I think we’ll probably end up cooking something special, kick back and watch a movie (Maybe I’ll adjust my Netflix queue for a romantic comedy?).  I’ll probably still get him a little something special just to let him know that I was thinkin’ ’bout him.  Good thing Etsy is featuring Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!  Here are some of the interesting (and affordable) things I’ve come across:

For Him: Jackglass’ Engraved Pocket Knife – $22

Jackglass’ Engraved Pocket Knife

I think B would be perfectly happy with a bottle of beer but he’d be stoked if I got him this engraved stainless steel pocket knife.  Swiss Army knives are always a practical gift but I think this would be awesome if its engraved with his initials.  Or maybe a monogram?  Jackglass also offers this item for customized groomsmen’s gifts so convo him for more info. 

HapaGirls’ Cherry Blossom Earrings

I’ve been crushing on these earrings for the longest time, they are just so pretty!  I love sakura flowers and these look would look lovely on the ears.  I like them best in sterling silver but HapaGirls also offers them in a stunning copper.  Check out their shop, they also do Sakura and Lotus bracelets, rings, necklaces, you name it.  Even Helix piercings. 

For Someone Special: Handwritten Hello Love Card – $9


SparrowNestScript's Etsy

Man, I wish my handwriting was this nice, I am very jealous of Emily at sparrownestscript.  Her handwriting is beautiful!  I would have thought that this card was printed.  She wrote it on heavyweight cardstock and it comes with an eco-friendly envelope.  I like this card because it’s romantic and simple–over the top V-Day cards make me think of yucky chocolate.
And, for those of you who aren’t too happy with V-Day, you can always send out adelynSTONE’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Cards – $4.  Happy Single Awareness Day!
adelynSTONE’s Anti Valentine’s Day Cards


– For a different kind of Valentine’s Gift, why not try Tribal Style’s Faux Gauge earrings?  I still think that they’re pretty cool.  :]
– Or you can go the DIY route and make your other half a nifty Fishtail bracelet in their favorite colors. 

Stitch Fix

I think I’m one of those people that have a fixed wardrobe: the poor thing barely gets updated.  I wear the same things all the time–(kind of) boring.  *sigh*  I think my problem is that I just don’t know what to buy.  If it were up to me, I’d always pick up a pair of skinny jeans.  And maybe a white or gray top.  AHH I need some variety in  my closet.  I wish I could borrow a personal shopper for the day.

That’s why Stitch Fix is so handy:  It’s like having a mail-order Personal Shopper service.  I think I read somewhere that the brains behind Stitch Fix are a pair of fashionable ladies from the Bay Area, so you know they’ve got mad style.

So basically how it works is that you sign up at their website (they are in a beta right now) and fill out your fashion profile.  To get your first fix, you have to pay a one-time $20 styling fee but no worries because it can go toward anything you purchase from your first fix.  It’s basically like an upkeep or maintenance fee. 

Here is some basic info from their FAQ:

  • The average price of the item they send you is $65 but they can tailor your fix to include pricier items if you wish
  • Free shipping, hurray!
  • Unwanted items can be returned but must be postmarked by the first Monday after your receipt.  This way, you’re always guaranteed a weekend to try on your new clothes
  • Exchanges for sizes can be tricky because they aren’t guaranteed to have your size in stock.  They will try their best.

I’ve googled some other blogs to see what their Fixes looked like and they all seem really pleased!   My only reservation are that I feel like I have weird sizing (I’m Asian, 5’2″ and a lot of things fit kind of funny on me) and that they’ll send me something really not my style.  You can indicate your height/usual size on your profile and I’m pretty sure the Stitch Fix ladies can accomodate that…and I guess trying new things is part of the fun of the service, right?

So, I’m debating…if any of you have a referral link, send it to me!  If I do decide to try this tempting service, I’ll be sure to use it.

Blukicks: Whale Shark

So I was at dinner the other night, and the guy we were with was very ocean-minded. He was a fishing guide in Kona! Cool, yeah? So anyway, he said his dream was to make these pretty nifty shoes: casual deck shoes with a fishy twist.

Introducing Blukicks! He got the idea when he noticed that the state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, kind of looked like a sneaker. (Blukicks makes the yellow Humu print in both mens and womens sizes)

Unfortunately, they don’t have too many prints available right now. Of the ones that they’ve got for women, the Whale Shark print is my favorite–Blu Kicks Women’s Whale Shark, $68. And it’s kind of cool–on the bottom of the shoe, it shows what the fish looks like.

Women’s Whale Shark

A teeny tiny percent of the profits go towards supporting various wildlife/fishing preservation agencies. So if you’re a marine biologist or just someone that wants a very unique shoe and is bored of plain ‘ol black Vans, perhaps Blukicks are for you!

The Hunger Games: PAPERSELF Paper Faux Eyelashes + China Glaze Capitol Colours

I’ve seen these in the Sephora catalog before but they looking absolutely stunning on Elizabeth Banks.  She’s portraying Effie Trinket in the upcoming Hunger Games movie (I’m excited!  Aren’t you?)  I think they totally match Effie and the Capitol’s quirky sense of style.


My first impression of these are that they would be awesome for Halloween.  You’d definitely get double takes with these PAPERSELF Faux Lashes.  These are inspired by the Chinese art of paper cutting.  Pretty nifty!  If you were hoping to pick up a pair, you’re in luck–a bunch of designs are currently on sale at Sephora for $9 (regular price $17).

Also, China Glaze is releasing a Hunger Games inspired nail polish set called Capitol Colours.  All Lacquered Up has color swatches of all the interesting colors.  My favorites are Fast Track, Agro, and Stone Cold.

January 2012 Birchbox – Clarity

Hurray, my Jan 2012 Birchbox came last week.  I know this is way late compared to all the other Jan Birchbox posts but I live in Hawaii.  It takes quite a while to send it from New York.


The theme for this month is Clarity, featuring products that will help start 2012 with a fresh face and an optimistic mood.  Here’s what I got in my box this month:

– BORGHESE – Curaforte Moisture Intensifier
– Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy Fragrance Sampler
– Jouer – Body Butter
– stila – Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Peacock
– Larabar Mini Bar in Peanut Butter Cookie (Lifestyle Extra)

Overall, I’d say I’m pretty pleased with this month’s box.  I wish I got a nail polish (I saw on some other people’s blogs that they got a bottle of Zoya polish) but I think that’s because of the options I picked in my profile.  So far, I feel the Jouer Body Butter might have a bit too much fragrance for me but I’m glad I got the stila liner.  Although I’ve got a bunch of liner in rotation at the moment, I probably would have never picked any up in that color, haha.  And of course, Larabars!  Who doesn’t love those?