DIY: Fishtail Cord Bracelet

Ever since I’ve started using Tumblr, I’ve fallen head over heels with the fishtail braid.  It’s so clean looking, I love it!  I’ve given up trying to braid my own hair but I’ve had way more success making really cute bracelets.

You can find the instructions for the above bracelet here:

The great part of this project is that you don’t need that many materials!  All you need are some cord and a buckle.

  • Cord:  Unfortunately I don’t really have any paracord around the house…and since this will be made more for the sake of being an awesome accessory instead of a Survival tool, I figure some thick cotton cord/twine will work nicely.  In reality, you can use anything!  I’ve seen some pretty ones that used ribbon, leather, embroidery floss.  The possibilities are endless!
  • Buckle:  Mmm, I didn’t really care for the buckle they used.  It reminds me of a seat belt.  I suggest replacing it with any other jewelry clasp you’ve got on hand to make it more feminine.  As an alternative, you can finish the ends to make a loop and knot closure or you can tie them together to make a slip bracelet.

These fishtail (and survival) bracelets are all over etsy but now you can easily make your own.  Maybe some of these can serve as your inspiration:

Hot Pink and Gold Fishtail Bracelet, MaggieMaeMary's Etsy, $11

Dogeared Jewels and Gift's Leather Fishtail Bracelet

PopKissJewelry's Fishtail Bracelet


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