The Hunger Games: PAPERSELF Paper Faux Eyelashes + China Glaze Capitol Colours

I’ve seen these in the Sephora catalog before but they looking absolutely stunning on Elizabeth Banks.  She’s portraying Effie Trinket in the upcoming Hunger Games movie (I’m excited!  Aren’t you?)  I think they totally match Effie and the Capitol’s quirky sense of style.


My first impression of these are that they would be awesome for Halloween.  You’d definitely get double takes with these PAPERSELF Faux Lashes.  These are inspired by the Chinese art of paper cutting.  Pretty nifty!  If you were hoping to pick up a pair, you’re in luck–a bunch of designs are currently on sale at Sephora for $9 (regular price $17).

Also, China Glaze is releasing a Hunger Games inspired nail polish set called Capitol Colours.  All Lacquered Up has color swatches of all the interesting colors.  My favorites are Fast Track, Agro, and Stone Cold.


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