Blukicks: Whale Shark

So I was at dinner the other night, and the guy we were with was very ocean-minded. He was a fishing guide in Kona! Cool, yeah? So anyway, he said his dream was to make these pretty nifty shoes: casual deck shoes with a fishy twist.

Introducing Blukicks! He got the idea when he noticed that the state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, kind of looked like a sneaker. (Blukicks makes the yellow Humu print in both mens and womens sizes)

Unfortunately, they don’t have too many prints available right now. Of the ones that they’ve got for women, the Whale Shark print is my favorite–Blu Kicks Women’s Whale Shark, $68. And it’s kind of cool–on the bottom of the shoe, it shows what the fish looks like.

Women’s Whale Shark

A teeny tiny percent of the profits go towards supporting various wildlife/fishing preservation agencies. So if you’re a marine biologist or just someone that wants a very unique shoe and is bored of plain ‘ol black Vans, perhaps Blukicks are for you!


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