An Etsy Valentine’s Day

The infamous V-day is right around the corner~  B and I don’t really do too much. I think we’ll probably end up cooking something special, kick back and watch a movie (Maybe I’ll adjust my Netflix queue for a romantic comedy?).  I’ll probably still get him a little something special just to let him know that I was thinkin’ ’bout him.  Good thing Etsy is featuring Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!  Here are some of the interesting (and affordable) things I’ve come across:

For Him: Jackglass’ Engraved Pocket Knife – $22

Jackglass’ Engraved Pocket Knife

I think B would be perfectly happy with a bottle of beer but he’d be stoked if I got him this engraved stainless steel pocket knife.  Swiss Army knives are always a practical gift but I think this would be awesome if its engraved with his initials.  Or maybe a monogram?  Jackglass also offers this item for customized groomsmen’s gifts so convo him for more info. 

HapaGirls’ Cherry Blossom Earrings

I’ve been crushing on these earrings for the longest time, they are just so pretty!  I love sakura flowers and these look would look lovely on the ears.  I like them best in sterling silver but HapaGirls also offers them in a stunning copper.  Check out their shop, they also do Sakura and Lotus bracelets, rings, necklaces, you name it.  Even Helix piercings. 

For Someone Special: Handwritten Hello Love Card – $9


SparrowNestScript's Etsy

Man, I wish my handwriting was this nice, I am very jealous of Emily at sparrownestscript.  Her handwriting is beautiful!  I would have thought that this card was printed.  She wrote it on heavyweight cardstock and it comes with an eco-friendly envelope.  I like this card because it’s romantic and simple–over the top V-Day cards make me think of yucky chocolate.
And, for those of you who aren’t too happy with V-Day, you can always send out adelynSTONE’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Cards – $4.  Happy Single Awareness Day!
adelynSTONE’s Anti Valentine’s Day Cards


– For a different kind of Valentine’s Gift, why not try Tribal Style’s Faux Gauge earrings?  I still think that they’re pretty cool.  :]
– Or you can go the DIY route and make your other half a nifty Fishtail bracelet in their favorite colors. 

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