Shop Toast: Mini Pop Bottle Wedding Favors

I think I am going to…two–no wait, three weddings this year.  I like weddings, they make me happy.  I also like going through wedding magazines (especially the local Hawaii ones) because the photography is just gorgeous!

But anyway, for all you brides or bridesmaids out there, he’s a really cute idea for party favors: Shop Toast’s mini pop bottles.

Shop Toast's Mini Pop Bottle Favors (starting at $4)

They start at $4 each and if you click on to their website, they’ve got all these options on customizing the labels and fillings (lots of yummy local snacks!).  These are also really cute for birthday parties as well.

If you aren’t planning a party, Shop Toast also has some really interesting stuff on their website.

Tiki Postcards ($4 each)

I really like these Tiki Postcards ($4 each, made of real birch wood)

Shop Toast’s showroom is located on Waialae, so the next time you stop by B.C. Burrito, be sure to pay them a visit.  (Also, I think the Wedding Cafe at Ward is now carrying Shop Toast products year-round.)

Shop Toast's Waialae Showroom


DIY: Any Bag Camera Insert

Hurray, I just bought my micro 4/3 camera!  Now I have something to shoot with in Japan that is small/lightweight but can take some pretty nice pictures.  I’ve been all smiles for a while, can’t wait until it comes in!

So now, the dilemma: How to find cute yet functional camera bags/pouches/inserts for the Girl with the Small[er then a traditional DSLR] camera.

I originally wanted something like this (Crumpler Haven (S) – $46) but then my empty wallet began to cry after I bought the filter, memory card, etc. So I said, “Fine.  I’m pretty…crafty, I bet I can make my own!”

Crumpler Haven (S)

And thank goodness for the internet and the talented ladies and gents out there who post wonderful DIY tutorials.  I estimate that I can make an awesome, custom-fit camera bag for somewhere around 10-15 bucks (based on what I’ve got in the house already).  Score!

Here are some of the links I found; the instructions are very clear so I have faith that I can follow them pretty accurately.  We’ll see how it goes (I don’t have a sewing machine so I’m considering sewing everything by hand or perhaps I’ll glue things?).  I have my fingers crossed that I don’t poke myself too much.

DIY Camera Bag Insert – Little Blue Boo (She’s got a detailed PDF with instructions.  So helpful!)

DIY Camera Bag – The Frugal Girls

DIY Camera [Purse] Bag – Live Laugh Eat

P.S. For you guys out there (or for ladies making these for your man), these designs can easily be made more manly with the use of plain fabric, nylon, or perhaps some camo?  They work wonderfully in re-purposed messenger bags.

February 2012 Birchbox: Spotlight

So um, yeah.  I realize that I get my Birchbox almost a full two-three weeks after everyone else gets theirs.  *sigh*  Oh well.

But anyway, as you all pretty much know by know, the theme for this month is “Spotlight,” with features products designed to “turn heads.”

In my box, I got:

– Juicy Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum
– Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
– Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil
– Supersmile Powdered Mouthrinse (2)
– Eye Rock Designer Liner (1 packet of 4 designs, 2 of each)
– Digital Download for a new Indie Band

The EyeRock Liner is the most intresting thing in the box this month:

It looks easy enough to apply but we’ll see how it looks!  Haha. 

I’m actually more happy to have [larger/deluxe] samples of the Blemish Clearer and the Dark Spot solution.  I always tell myself to buy them (I’m very tan and prone to Dark Spots…and I always seem to get the occasional blemish once a month or so)…but Dark Spot reducers can be so expensive and who knows if it actually works?  *sigh*  Yay for Birchbox. 

Overall, I’d say I’m pretty pleased with this month’s box.  I like it better then the January one, that’s for sure.  (I also scored one of their Vichy skin care boxes so I’ll post on that one later, hurray!)

Anyone out there, did you pick the Teen Vogue box for March?  I didn’t pick yet and I bet they’re all gone already.  Blah.

BTW: If you’re interested in trying Birchbox, here’s a link!

DoubleShot Camera

I think once I mentioned that I have an awesome Double Shot camera. Or didn’t I? Oh well. I do. I do have one and this thing is AWESOME. There’s something special about film, you know? It’s a toy camera that shoots two shots on the same frame. It’s kind of nifty to see which shots get lined up next to each other!

Buy the The Double Shot Camera ($45) at the Photojojo Store!

My only reservations about this camera is that I’ve had a lot of difficulty in developing the film. I’ve send it to Walmart, even (sob) and everyone keeps cutting my film up, which ruins the point of having a camera that takes two shots in one frame.  *sigh*