Hawaii Eats: Frost City

Okay, okay.  I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably something along the lines of, “Eww, WTF is that. It looks like a pile of sh*t.”

But really, you’ve got to give it a chance. It’s sooooo good.


What is it exactly?  It’s Taiwanese Style Shave Ice.  The big dessert thing in HI a while ago was Mochi Ice Cream.  Then it moved to gelato, then to frozen yogurt and cupcakes, but the dessert that’s on everyone’s mind is Taiwanese Shave Ice!

With Hawaiian Shave Ice, they get a block of ice and shave it into mini chunks and serve it with syrup.  Taiwanese Shave Ice is different–AND they don’t tell you how it’s made.  It’s a family secret.  With my best Sherlock Holmes skills, I deduce that they freeze ice, cream and other flavorings until it’s semi-hard and then shave it very very finely into silky smooth sheets. 

My favorite place for Taiwanese Shave Ice is Frost City–located on South Beretania in the University Area.

The flavor that I got was chocolate.  I was kind of iffy about eating it…chocolate Hawaiian Shave Ice wouldn’t taste good at all and like you, my first thought was, “Eww!  WTF is that?” 

But omg, it’s heavenly.  It’s as if Shave Ice and Ice Cream had a beautiful, gifted, and ridiculously talented baby.  The taste reminded me of gelato except it was wonderfully light and fluffy.  It’s ice so I didn’t expect it to be so flavorful but really, you get every bit of chocolatey goodness with each bite.  They also give you a little bit of fresh fruit and little gelatin balls that explode into a fruity flavor sensation when you bite them. 

Don’t worry, the fruity flavors (their most popular flavor is Strawberry) look way more like fluffy snow. 

2570 S. Beretania Street
Closed Mon
Tue-Thurs: 12:30 – 10 PM
Fri – Sat: 12:30 – 11 PM
Sun: 12:30 – 5:30 PM


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Eats: Frost City

  1. Live in Los Angeles but love Frost City! I’m not sure about how they do chocolate but for the fruit flavors, it’s all fresh fruit that they juice and freeze. For some, they add milk. They also add sugar depending on how sweet the fruit happens to be. Stella, the owner – we’ve been regular Lucky Knots customers for years now, gave us a heads up on which fruit flavor was especially good. I still love my Li Hing Mango with Li Hing Syrup from Waiola but this is very nice – and very natural. Liking all of your posts MikaSeven 🙂

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