Smirnoff Fluffed and Whipped Vodka

So I was randomly clicking through ireallylikefood today and this post popped up, featuring Smirnoff’s new Vodka line.  There are two types, a fluffed marshmallow flavor and a whipped cream flavor.  Hmm. 

I dunno. I know B doesn’t care for this, he’s a Grey Goose purist with a slight love for cranberry.  What do you think? I’ve had alcoholic whipped cream before, I didn’t particularly care for it but a whipped cream flavored vodka? I can see people using this in those birthday cake shots…or adding them to hot chocolate.  Sounds like this would make for a fun bachelorette party!  (BTW, I hear Three Olives and UV already make similar products.  Do I hear a taste test coming on?)

Here’s ireallylikefood’s S’mores shot recipe:
-Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka
-Chocolate Liqueur
-A ring of graham cracker crust around the edge of the shot glass


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