DIY: Striped Envelopes

This one is sweet and easy: and all you need are a printer and some thick paper (not quite card stock), scissors, a glue stick, and an address!

Amanda Jane Jone's Fall Envelopes

Besides snail mail, here’s what I’m going to do with my envelopes:

  • For holding my hand-made Valentine’s Day cards
  • So I can give away 4×6 prints as gifts (do any of you have a double-shot camera?  I have one and it’s awesome!)
  • Storing receipts/coupons

Click on to Ohhappyday for instructions, the free printable, and other DIY goodies!


P.S. Speaking of mail, Has anyone ever tried Postcrossing?  It’s an international postcard exchange.  I was thinking of starting!  USPS recently made some really nifty Aloha Print postcard stamps that would be perfect for this.  :]



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