New Topic: Travel

Due to an amazing lucky break, I’ll be adding a new section to my blog: Travel.

Specifically, Japan. Hurray! I’ve been there a couple times for work/vacation but I’ll be there for an extended time starting from April to perhaps the end of May. I’m excited because it’ll be cherry blossom (sakura) season! I’ll definitely still blog about the good ‘ol stuff (especially when I’m Hawaii homesick) but I’ll try and post often about the interesting things I see in the land of the rising sun.

Preview of one of the things I’m supposed to try: Eating FRESH squid. In Japanese sushi, it’s called ‘ika.’ I don’t really care for it, I think it’s kind of chewy. The twist is that the place I’ve been directed to try serves ika in a very interesting way: It’s still MOVING when they slice it. I’m not sure if it’s dead and its just the nerves making it twitch but a;djfafja; I heard it’s one of the best things I’ll ever eat in my lifetime. So we’ll see.

To do list:

– Buy Luggage (I normally travel with B‘s huge luggage but he might fly up and meet me after.)

– Buy a new camera. My beloved 8 year old trusty Canon Powershot finally died on me while hiking Mt. Olympus. Am possibly looking at the Panasonic GF2 or perhaps the new Olympus m4/3? 😀

– Buy good walking shoes. In Japan, we walk EVERYWHERE. The last time I wore my usual Nikes (street ones, not running) but my feet were aching at the end of the day. I think I’m going to try on those New Balance minimus shoes. Then I can jog in them? (I LOVE my vibram five-fingers…but that can be a totally different post.)


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