Shop Toast: Mini Pop Bottle Wedding Favors

I think I am going to…two–no wait, three weddings this year.  I like weddings, they make me happy.  I also like going through wedding magazines (especially the local Hawaii ones) because the photography is just gorgeous!

But anyway, for all you brides or bridesmaids out there, he’s a really cute idea for party favors: Shop Toast’s mini pop bottles.

Shop Toast's Mini Pop Bottle Favors (starting at $4)

They start at $4 each and if you click on to their website, they’ve got all these options on customizing the labels and fillings (lots of yummy local snacks!).  These are also really cute for birthday parties as well.

If you aren’t planning a party, Shop Toast also has some really interesting stuff on their website.

Tiki Postcards ($4 each)

I really like these Tiki Postcards ($4 each, made of real birch wood)

Shop Toast’s showroom is located on Waialae, so the next time you stop by B.C. Burrito, be sure to pay them a visit.  (Also, I think the Wedding Cafe at Ward is now carrying Shop Toast products year-round.)

Shop Toast's Waialae Showroom


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