Good Timing

Sup yo,

I made it into Japan okay and it looks like I’m just in time!  The Sakura just started blooming this past week.

Also a quick funny story: On the way to the place I’m staying…it’s Korean music on the radio.  I’m so jetlagged, I think somethings wrong with my brain–I’m in Japan but I’m hearing Korean!  Haha.  It was Korean hour.  *sigh*



Erstwhile Jewelry: Antique Tiffany & Co Ring

Seriously, this ring is one of the most beautiful rings that I’ve ever seen.  It’s an antique Tiffany & Co engagement ring from 1925.  It’s set in platinum with a 1.55 carat diamond (it’s yours for sum of $20K.)

 (Check out Erstwhile Jewelry’s Etsy Shop–they’ve got all sorts of neat antique jewelry.)

Wish List: OluKai Boots

I live in Hawaii.  I don’t really have a reason to wear boots therefore I don’t really have a reason to *buy* boots.  But man, oh man, these Olukai Boots are super cute.

Okukai Holo Lio ($270)

Okukai Kaona ($165)

Olokai O Laila ($190)

From what I understand, Olukai was started by a guy from Maui who worked for Nike and other top footwear companies.  He retired and started his own footwear business.  My next pair of slippers will be Olukai’s. I have my eye on this:

Olukai Kumi ($80)

Quiksilver: NFL Boardshorts-Philadelphia Eagles

B is an Eagles Fan.  I don’t know how this happened but he’s already informed me that he’d like to marry me at Lincoln Financial Field with Andy Reid as his best man and Swoop as the ring-bearer.  *sigh*  So you safely assume that there is at least one piece of Eagles fandom in all parts of our apartment.

But, B doesn’t actually like to *wear* Eagles things–he’ll wear his beloved DeSean Jackson jersey to the Pro Bowl (support Hawaii!) but he doesn’t own any Eagles clothing–except for the Eagles fitted hat I got him for Christmas.

HOWEVER that all changed when we walked into the Quiksilver store at Ala Moana.  He found these:

Quiksilver Eagles Boardshorts ($59.50)

Yes.  Those are Philadelphia Eagles Boardshorts.  And yes, they are pretty much 60 bucks but be reassured–these are one of the best boardshorts that Quiksilver makes.  B, who is usually pretty thrifty, made an exception into buying these because they appealed to his loyalty to Eagles Nation and his local boy style.

So, any ladies out there in need of a gift for their die-hard man?  These are a great idea, especially if he’s local.  I promise he’ll love these.  If he’s not an Eagles fan, Quiksilver also makes boardshorts for the following teams: Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Giants and the Jets.

Bucket List: Stairway to Heaven

My friends and I have been taking up “semi-extreme” hiking as a hobby.  I only call it “semi-extreme” because the majority of people we know, who are casual hikers, tell us we’re crazy.  I don’t think it’s that bad–just a lot of narrow ridges, cliffs, and things to scale.  On the dangerous scale, I want to say it’s about a 6 (nothing near the 9 or 10 that is Olomana’s third peak) and we make sure that we go as a group, are well equipment, and are careful.  It’s a lot more fun then walking up the paved trail to the top of Diamond Head (although I always recommend that to anyone who is on Oahu for the first time).

But anyway, the number one thing on the Mikaseven Hikes-To-Do-Before-I-Die list is…the Stairway to Heaven.


Also known as the Haiku stairs, it’s a trail that goes straight up the Ko’olau Mountains (Kaneohe).  It was built in 1964 (to help build the military com towers up there) and it was partially renovated in 2003.  Technically, it’s an illegal hike.  It was closed to the public in 1987 (the year I was born) and today, there’s a security guard posted at the bottom to turn hikers away.  Many people, tourists AND locals, still do this hike and there’s a reason–the view is unlike any other.

However, the stairs also has another name: The Stairmaster from Hell.  This is why:


My sister has done this hike and a bunch of friends have done it also–they’ve walked away with some of the most breathtaking pictures I’ve ever seen!  If any of you plan to do this in the future, make sure the weather is good–It’s a dangerous hike and it would be like a death wish to climb the stairs in rain.

The Stairway to Heaven Yelp page has an awesome listing of tips for those interested:  One of the biggest tips there is what time to head out to avoid the security guard.  If he’s there when you arrive (I heard he comes as early as 3AM nowadays), he won’t let you up.  However, if you beat him, he’ll smile at you on the way down and ask you how the view was from the top. 

(P.S. For those of you who aren’t really comfortable walking past a ‘No Trespassing’ side, I’ve heard there’s an alternate way to the summit.  You come up the Ko’olaus from the Moanalua/Leeward side of the island.  Be warned though–it’s supposedly a very difficult 10 mile hike.)

C’mon, don’t you think it’s worth it?
(P.S. Happy Aloha Friday!)