Something to do: 10th Annual Waikiki Spam Jam

I probably all ready blogged about this but Andrew Zimmerman can eat all those weird things…but he doesn’t like spam.  So weird!  I’d pick spam over…fermented fish eyeballs any day.  I’m sure the rest of Hawaii will agree with me.

I’m super bummed by the fact that I’ll be missing the 10th Annual Waikiki Spam Jam.  It’s a really fun event–they close down Kalakaua Avenue and they fill it with FOOD BOOTHS all showcasing a really nifty way to cook spam.  A bunch of the participating restaurants are prominent Waikiki establishments like, The Top of Waikiki, Hula’s Grill, and Okonomiyaki Chibo.

Spam Jam - The Examiner

My only advice for this event is to go early (if you go early enough, you can park at Kapiolani Park or at the Honolulu Zoo), go with friends, and bring your appetite!  Be careful, it gets really busy but it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s the link to the official Spam Jam website.  Haha, they even have hotel packages!  Funny.  If you want to see what the restaurants had last year, you can see pictures here.

And BTW: Did you know they make Spam flavored Macadamia Nuts?  Mmm, I love spam just as much as any other Hawaii kid but I dunno about this one.  (They had samples the last Spam Jam I went to)

Spam Mac Nuts - FoodGawker

10th Annual Waikiki Spam Jam
Saturday April 28, 2012
Kalakaua Avenue, 4-10PM



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