The Hunger Games: Safe and Sound

Did any of you read the Hunger Games books?  I read the first one on a work trip after I saw it on the Amazon best-seller list and oh dear, I was addicted.  I totally recommend the series to anyone who is looking for something interesting to read with a lot of time to kill (aka these books saved me on my 10 hour international flight with NO VIDEO SCREEN, you’re so mean, Delta)  I liked all three of ’em and I can’t wait for the movie to come out next week (March 23rd)! 

Well anyway, Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re halfway there.  If you haven’t heard it already, this is the (theme?) song for the Hunger Games: Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound.  Listening to it made me think of Rue.  😦


And while we’re on the subject of The Hunger Games, have you seen what Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket looks like?  I always figured “Capitol Fashion” would be kind of…funky yet modern and chic but I must say, I think the costume designers really did a good job.  Her Paperself eyelashes are my favorite part of her costume (I wonder if she wears them in the movie…and if you can tell she’s actually wearing them?)  I’m also curious to see what Lenny Kravitz as Cinna looks like!

Also, Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Glamour this month.  I was happily surprised when I checked my mail yesterday–she is absolutely stunning. 

Jennifer Lawrence's Glamour Cover - ET Online


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