More Fishtail Love

We had breakfast with my family the other day–my sister’s boyfriend was wearing a manly fishtail camping cord bracelet.  It looked very nice in a rugged sort-a-way!

But anyway, the Fishtail braid is still King (especially on pininterest).  With these instructions, you can make your own!  On eBay, there’s a guy who sells them with your favorite NFL team’s colors.  I’m not sure if B would wear one though–no matter how much he loves the Eagles–he’s very minimal.

Here’s some more interesting ideas:

1. Make it with leather.  The thick leather strips in Wrapology’s braclet make for a very chunky bangle, it’s very nice!  I kind of like it a little better with thin leather strips–it’s lighter and makes it a bit more feminine.

Wrapology's Leather Fishtail Bracelet ($17)

2.  Use Hex Nuts.  Very cheap and easily found at your local Walmart or hardwear store.  I like the toggle fastening.  It reminds me of something Lisbeth would wear (from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

BearandCo's Hex Nut Bracelet ($15)

3. Or, you can always stick with the original Paracord for a Survival Strap bracelet.  I think I’m going to start making these for friends–we’ve been hiking a lot lately and this is something I definitely know they’ll appreciate.  (Makes for awesome Christmas presents!)

SIRviveALL's Paracord Bracelet (Fishtail Weave) ($15)


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