DIY: Dixie Cup Garland

Please head on over to Hey Gorgeous’ Blog, she’s got a DIY tutorial on how to make one of the cheapest and most interesting ways to brighten up a room–a garland made out of Dixie Cups and Christmas Tree lights.

It’s way easier then I would have imagined. Is this considered “Shabby Chic?”  More like “Super Ingeniously Awesome Chic.”  Saving money is always awesome.

*Mikaseven twist: Instead of scrapbook paper like Hey Gorgeous uses, why not try pretty origami paper or washi paper?  The prints might be a bit strong and busy so instead of having every single cup covered in origami/washi paper, I’d probably alternate with a couple matching solid colors or so.

Wakasaya's Washi Paper


2 thoughts on “DIY: Dixie Cup Garland

  1. This is absolutely wonderful! I’m one of those that has never quite found a use for dixie cups; they’re annoyingly small to be used for actual nourishment thus we’re left with crafting. This is one of the best dixie cup ideas I’ve come across!

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