Handbag Crush: Dooney and Burke Satchel

I do errands at Ala Moana every other Friday–it’s my day off (YAY for flex schedules!) and it’s WAY easier because I don’t have to drag B around with me.  Anything to spare him while I cash checks/wander around Sephora/try on that beautiful dress I would probably never buy.

But aaaaaaaaanyway, I was strolling past Dooney and Burke and they happened to have a sample sale.  Strange, right?  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Coach sample sale.  But whatever, I wasn’t complaining.  I’ve made really good friends with the ladies who manage that store and she gave me the scoop:  Basically, the bags for sale are prototypes (just like a regular sample sale).  They help the company decide on what they want to put into production, etc.  There might be one-of-a-kind items and they are ALL somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% off.  HURRAY!  The only downside is that some might be missing inside pockets, minor stuff.

I walked away with this (in white):
For $200 and it’s perfect–no blemishes and fully intact.  That’s half off of the retail price of $398.  Hurray!  I am in love because it’s a crossbody, it’s got multiple interior pockets for hiding my keys, EVERYTHING (micro four thirds, wallet, phone, and then some) fit comfortably, and it smells like Florentine Leather.  *sigh in happiness*

I haven’t been to a sample sale in FOREVER…but I’ve love going to them (I’ve only been to RVCA and Adidas sales) because you are most likely going to score an awesome deal.  From what I understand, it’s a lot more commonplace on the mainland (my Uncle is from Cali and he’s been to Hurley and Oakley ones at their warehouses) Keep your eyes open!

P.S.: For all you Dooney faithful, if the straps of your bags are too long, you can always ask the helpful ladies at your local store to make additional holes for you.  They do it in store–they use a little leather punch and they will help adjust the length to your liking.  This is super helpful for someone who is on the shorter end of the spectrum, like me.


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