QLOCKTWO W Wrist Watch

What do you think?  This nifty watch by Biegert & Funk displays the time…literally.  I rather like it!  I wonder if you can achieve the same effect with a Nano-turned-into-a-watch?  I remember seeing this design on tumblr a lot–Biegert & Funk’s original idea for this was a wallclock.  If you’re interested, it’ll come in black and stainless steel and it hits stores this autumn. :]


via Engadget


Earrings For Sensitive Ears

I bought myself a pair of diamond earrings last week!  I loved them and I even got them on sale.  I have rather small ears and this was the first time I’ve actually been proud of the fact–small diamonds look great on small ears!  Haha.

You can’t imagine how bummed I was to return those beautiful diamond studs a week later.  Turns out some 14K white gold contains nickel…to which I am pretty allergic.  SADNESS!

I know there are a lot of ladies (it affects females more then males, mostly because we wear jewelry more often, which means we can develop nickel allergies more often) who are in the same boat.  Here are some pretty nickel-free alternatives!

1. Rhodium.  According to PrettyPetalsJewelry’s listing, rhodium is the world’s most expensive precious metal?  I like these earrings–they are simple yet very eye-catching.

PrettyPetalJewelry - Colorado Topaz Rhodium Plated Earrings ($28)

2. Stainless Steel.  When I think of stainless steel, I think of countertops.  Countertops might not be the most glamorous thing in the world, but nervoussystem’s leaf earrings sure do the trick.  (On a side note, I actually have a ring made out of steel!  I used to wear it every day–they give it to you when you graduate from college with a Civil Engineering degree.  I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s relatively shiny but shows lots of scuffs.  Just like a countertop.  *sigh*)

nervoussystem's Reticulate Stainless Steel Leaf Earrings ($40)

3.  Platinum.  The real deal. Ahhh, I think these are gorgeous but I’m saving money for a downpayment.  But a girl can dream, right?

Pompeii3's 0.50 CT Diamond Earrings in Platinum ($599)

P.S. These aren’t your only options!  They make much cheaper nickel-free jewelry–the ladies online say Target and Walmart sell them.  There is also…palladium?   I’m not too sure on that one though.

Hair Tutorial: Daven Mayeda

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Michelle Phan’s make-up tutorials.  They’ve been getting fancier and fancier over the years–she even shoots at overseas locations now!

But anyway, I was very impressed with her look from “Rouge in Love.”  Her makeup was beautiful, as always, but her HAIR. WAS. AMAZING.

And Michelle, being the thoughtful person that she is, shared her hairstylist who has made his own tutorial video.  Daven is wonderful and he’s funny too–ahhh I wish he would do my hair.

April Birchbox: The Natural

I’m so bummed, I don’t get to actually *test* my April Birchbox products until I get back from Japan.  Bummer, looks like there are some pretty interesting things in there!

Mikaseven's April Birchbox

Here’s what I got:
– Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift – Eau de Parfum
– Willa Clear Face Moisturizer
– Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm
– Benta Berry G-1 Exfoiliating Facial Cleanser
– Le Palais des Thes Tea Bags

YES skincare products.  I will always be happy when I get to try skincare products, although I wish the sizes were bigger.  This box looks a bit empty.  Everything is natural in this box, which is a bonus.  Thank you Birchbox!  (LOL I think it’s good that they sent the Taylor Swift fragrance.  I don’t think I would have ever picked it up, otherwise.  I love your music Taylor, but I was a bit iffy about a scent.)

P.S. Next month’s box is inspired by Gossip Girl!  I hope that means some high-end stuff.  I’m excited.  With the rate that my Birchbox gets shipped to me, I’m hoping it’ll be waiting for me when I get back!

P.P.S. For you ladies out there who subscribe, make sure you review your products!  You get 10 points for every product you review.  100 points means 10 bucks off your next order, so you’ll pretty much get that every two boxes.  It’s a great way for Birchbox to get feedback. 

P.P.P.S.  (Haha)  They have a beta for Men’s boxes now!  They’re a bit more expensive but it comes with more/larger products.

Tonkatsu <3

Katsu (a deep fried cutlet) is soooo much different in Japan then it is in Hawaii.  For instance, the quality is. so. much. better.   But that’s to be expected, right?  Haha.  You can pretty much “katsu” anything (deep fry it in panko) but the main forms of Katsu that I’m used to are Tonkatsu (pork) and Chicken Katsu, which is super popular in Hawaii. 

Tonkatsu is the main version, and there are two kinds:
– Hire Katsu (pork filet.  Leaner cut.  Usually more expensive but I prefer this one)
– Roast Pork (pork loin.  A bit fattier taste)

Hire Katsu from Hama Katsu (1560 Yen)

The big difference, besides the quality, is that if you go to a katsu restaurant, they’ll give you this little bowl with grooves in it. You pour some sesame seeds into the bowl, smash it up into a powder (they give you this little wooden dowel), and then pour katsu sauce in it. It tastes really good! Also, if you’re at a good restaurant, they’ll give you an unlimited amount of cabbage. This is super important to me, it helps cut the oil.

For those of you who live in Hawaii, there is an “authentic” tonkatsu restaurant you can try in Waikiki!  It’s called Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin.  It’s a Japanese chain. They have a really little kiosk in the food court at Shirokiya but the restaurant is where you can get the full-on Katsu eating experience.  My only gripe about that place is that I saw the chain in a food court at Narita airport.  I’m not having a hard time paying $40+ for something I can buy for 1300~ yen (but I guess it’s cheaper then paying for airfare, right?)