Shiseido Anessa BB Cream – Japan

I’m Filipino and I’d say my skin tone is a warm medium brown.  I’d say I’m naturally not…too dark but because B is jealous of my naturally “darker” coloring (he’s Japanese and he would LOVE to be as tan as I am), he wants to spend every single waking moment in the sun.  First, I’m worried about him and skin cancer so I spray him with stronger sunscreen when he’s not looking.  Second, B in the sun = ME in the sun, therefore I become WAY WAY darker.

I’ve always wanted to try BB creams except most of the shades seem to be for lovely, pale Korean girls.  *sigh*

But whatdayaknow, I was strolling down the strip of shops where I am…and I found a BB cream that blends very easily with my skin.  I found it in Japan, who would have guessed?  It’s the Shiseido Anessa BB Cream (the website is in Japanese and Google translate can’t English-ify it for me so I have no idea what it says).  It’s sold only in Japan, just came out last month, and comes in two shades.  Usually, I associate Shiseido with their whitening creams so I’m really surprised that this one blends so well with my coloring.

Ratzilla Cosmetics is an online retailer specializing in Japanese products. They are selling it online for Y2,110 (around $25.00).

P.S. Ratzilla Cosmetics also lists the ingredients list if you’re interested.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how I like it (Dior and Estee Lauder have BB creams too, now?  Have you guys tried any of them?)


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