DIY: String Chandelier


RuffledBlog - DIY String Chandeliers

That’s the first word that came to mind when I first saw an incarnation of the DIY String Chandelier.  I didn’t realize how easy it would be either–you can catch all the details on how to make your own at RuffledBlog.

All you need are some balloons, some string (yarn or twine is fine), glue, and some corn starch.  I kind of like the natural look of the beige/brown twine but by all means, spray it with your favorite color!  If I had a little cafe/really nifty boutique of some sort, I’m inclined to say that I’d like a set of sparkly gold/silver chandeliers.


I think you’ve got three main ways of hanging this:
– Clear fishing line (great for parties or a wedding!)
– Lamp hanging kit (great above your dining table!)

*Mikaseven note: If you’re making it as a dining room chandelier, I’ve seen pictures on Tumblr–it looks GREAT, especially if you use HUGE balloons to shape your frame.


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