Michelle Phan: Picture Day Tips

Are “Makeup Tutorials” categorized as a DIY?  Since I guess you are…using…your makeup…on yourself to make yourself look amazing?  I guess?  Sure.

Somedays, I wake up and wish that Michelle Phan was my older sister because then I would have perfect makeup and hair.  SERIOUSLY, she’s just so sweet.  I’ve been watching her videos since she was RiceBunny and they’ve been getting better and better.  Now she’s sponsored by Lancome and has her own skincare and brush line!

This video is one of my favorites because it’s something natural that looks great for everyday and out on the town.  Oh, and also for pictures. 


P.S. If you want to see a more creative tutorial, check out one of Michelle’s older videos–she does Lady Gaga’s Poker Face makeup.


One thought on “Michelle Phan: Picture Day Tips

  1. I remember her older videos as well. The new FAWN project is rather amazing. She’s taken off like crazy these last few years. So great to see.

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