Lunch – Bento Time!

Man, I love working in a Japanese office.  They have these…bento deliveries?  In the morning, you place your order, put your money in a little cup, and then someone calls ’em all in and ta-dah!  At lunch, you have a delicious and warm little bento for a reasonable price. 

I was intimidated at first because the menu is not in English, but thankfully my coworkers helped me order.  Whew!  It’s actually really simple, after all! 

Here’s what I got:

Bento Lunch (Yum)

I ended up getting the daily special, which is 400 yen.  Not bad, I think.  My coworkers say it’s not the cheapest but it’s sure darn convenient!   I got some bok choi, two of these little curry filled dumplings, tonkatsu with mini shrimps with a sweet sour sauce, this potato salad thing, pink pickled…something (tsukemono?), and a little shredded cabbage.  Everything tasted really good!  I was very satisfied afterwards, and I ate less than half the rice.

I think I’m going to try and order bento-lunch once a week on different days, just to see what else they’ve got.  It’s a nice break from Subway sandwiches, haha.


2 thoughts on “Lunch – Bento Time!

    • In Japan! Gosh, I wish we had this in Hawaii. I guess the next best thing is a lunch truck that visits your office? Really cute lunch + delivery for $5! Haha. :]

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