Things to Do: Diamond Head Circle Run

I am not a runner.  Not really, I’m more of an…aerobic/plyometric kinda girl (I love P90X and Insanity)…but I’m really trying!  My friends are runners, so I’ve been tagging along with them to increase my endurance.  Their go-to after work route is around Diamond Head.

It’s actually the perfect route, in my mind.  It’s a very do-able 4 miles.  It usually takes us a little over an hour. 

  1. Parking is so easy and its very accessible for those staying in Waikiki who need a quality route and don’t want to run at the local 24 (c’mon now, you’re in Hawaii.  Go outside!).  You can easily find parking at Kapiolani Park or Kapiolani Community College.
  2. You are outside.  It’s wonderful.  You get to run along Kapiolani Park (awesome because everyone is being active) and along Diamond Head Road which overlooks the ocean.  Most times, if you go after work, it’s nice and cool and the sun is close to setting.  Its like an extra reward.  :]
  3. There is an incline so you work harder. 
  4. This a popular route for both tourists and locals alike so no worries–if you need help, just ask one of the surfers along Diamond Head road.  They’re all super nice.  BUT the great thing is that it’s not tooo crowded.  You’ll never have to slow your pace because of slow traffic.

Mikaseven's Diamond Head Running Route

Here’s a google map if you need directions!  Happy running :]


One thought on “Things to Do: Diamond Head Circle Run

  1. That is a great route, I agree. I did that in December when I was in Hawaii. On another day I actually ran from my hotel (across from the zoo) up to Diamond Head and then I walked up to the top. I had delusions that I would “run” up to the top, like the gorgeous men who passed me were doing, but it was clearly a delusion! 🙂

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