This summarizes a good portion of BB creams available to the U.S. market! I’m interested in the Dr. Jart BB cream–The Emery Board says after testing, that’s her favorite. AND I saw a version for darker skin in a little shop in Japan! I should have bought it when I saw it (Nagoya Airport) but I’m positive I’ll be able to find it when I make it up to Tokyo. :]

the emery board

BB creams are nothing new to the Asian skin care market, but they are new to the United States. Invented in the 50s, picked up by Koreans in the 80s, and brought to us in the last couple of years, it’s hard to believe these wonder creams haven’t been in our makeup bags all along. A BB cream, or as many call it, beauty balm, combines sunscreen, moisturizer, skin smoothing, anti-aging, and foundation into one incredibly simple-to-use product. There are tons of different brands out there, and finding the right formula can seem daunting, so I took a trip to Sephora and Rite Aid to help narrow down your search. Kathryn, at Sephora Arden Fair, filled up samples of every BB cream they had! I tried not one, but NINE BB creams, wore them over several days, tested them in different climates and elevations, and examined texture, longevity, and oiliness…

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