Bento Time! Take 2

My rule when ordering the Daily Special is that there has to be at least two other people who order it on that day.  I trust my coworkers to know when something is good!  The conditions were all correct this morning, so I placed my order and got…

Mikaseven's Tonkatsu Bento Lunch (again)

Tonkatsu again.  Haha.  Maybe the special on Tuesday is just various incarnations of fried pork cutlet?  This time, it was different though.  There was a ponzu sauce!  We use ponzu in Hawaii so this wasn’t anything new, but I’ve never had ponzu with my tonkatsu before.  My coworkers said it was there to “enhance” the oily taste, to make it smoother.  They were right–it still tasted like something fried but there was a different quality to it.  If I ate it with the grated daikon (radish–that mushy white thing on the left side, above the katsu), it was AWESOME. 

I also got two mini spring roll things, a different sort of mac salad, the pink pinkled veggie thing, and this interesting round and soft kamaboko/dumpling thing.  Interesting.

It was very good but I wish there was more vegetables!  I supplemented my lunch with a low sodium v8.   I cancelled the sodium out when my cubicle mate made me a cup of miso soup though.  It was worth it, it was soooo good!  (Side note: Miso soup tastes best when they make it from a paste.  Paste trumps the powdered stuff anyday.)


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