Tribal Style: Fake Gauge Earrings

I’ve already featured Tribal Style on my blog before–They make fake-gauge earrings just like Lisbeth’s!

These earrings are all handmade out of organic materials.  They make them out of salvaged bone, horn, and wood.  Very sustainable!  I think it’s also great there are a HUGE variety of styles.  Tribal Style makes small, everyday pairs as well as big, eyecatchingly bold designs!  I just ordered two smaller pairs–the earwire is made of stainless steel or sterling silver so my sensitive ears will be very happy. 

(Also, my wallet was ecstatic!  I think these earrings are very affordable, given that they are eco-friendly and handmade)

Large Double Spirals – Organic Tan Wood ($25)

Small Hidden Curls – Purple ($30)

Fatima Swans – Wood (On sale for $18!)

Nava Wings – Wood (On Sale – $20)


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