Typical Japanese Lunch Fare~

So…this is what I find in typical Japanese “cafeterias.”  Its not a cafeteria like Elementary School–think of it more of a small/medium sized restaurant that serves cheap, fast, and tasty meals to the Japanese workforce (Usually, every military base overseas has one if they have Japanese workers). 

Here’s whats on a typical menu:
– Tonkatsu, with or without curry
– Some broiled fish dish
– Noodle dish of the region (sometimes its ramen, sometimes its champuru)
– Stir-fried Vegetables

I am partial to the Stir-Fried Vegetable dish.  It’s called…yasai (vegetable) something.  I’m not sure, but it also comes with a generous bowl of rice, miso soup, and some pickled veggies.  Lunch for the day cost me 480 yen.

I love this stuff–its like Chinese food with a Japanese spin on it.  There isn’t much meat in it (usually little pieces of bacon that was tossed in–its not the crispy kind) but the sauce is usually very good.  Lots of bean sprouts, cabbage, and kamaboko (fish cake)!  This was the first time I’ve had corn in my dish.  I find corn hard to eat with chopsticks, haha.

And do you notice that box of tissue?  The Japanese use that as their napkins.  This I don’t understand.  When I’m out sightseeing and stuff, I have started a habit of walking into the first Starbucks/Coffee Shop I come across just to steal a big wad of napkins.


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