More Knot Bracelets

I think my number one post has been the DIY on the fishtail bracelet.  I think it’s still my favorite, but here are some new ‘knot’ bracelets to put you in the DIY mood~

The first idea that I stumbled upon this morning are these friendship bracelets from HonestlyWTF.  It might seem a bit ‘old school’ but I like it (plus, their blog is AWESOME.  The instructions are always super clear cut)!  The patterns and the colors instantly draw me in.  Maybe this weekend, I’ll pop over to the 100yen store (or a Walmart, if I make it in the states) and pick up some embroidery thread–I want to try my hand at a muted, chevron pattern!


HonestlyWTF's Friendship Bracelets


The second idea is brought to you by Buggie and Jellybean–they’ve got a tutorial for these really neat and simple slip knot leather bracelets. 

Buggie and Jellybean's Slipknot Leather Bracelet



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