Learning you are allergic to Bare Minerals — The Hard Way

Gosh, so besides all the wonderful sightseeing and eating of delicious things that I did on my rotation to Japan, I also learned a lot about myself.  As in the following statements:

– If I ever had “drink-until-the-sun-rises-again” genes, they are turned off.  For good.
– I like soymilk way better then regular skim milk.
– I have a very good sense of direction when it comes to Tokyo’s subway system!

But perhaps the most important: I have a pretty moderate skin allergy, particularly to things like nickel.   

My first brush with a nickel allergy was when I bought the cutest 14K white gold diamond studs that irritated my ears for a week (I was determined not to give up but my brain won in the end).

My second was when I bought the BareMinerals Starter Kit.  I loved it at first!  I have normally clear skin and I wanted something really light.  Buffing your face is kind of fun and it gave me all of the coverage I wanted–barely there feel, makes my skintone look more uniform, and has a little SPF.  Also, I was in love with the fact that “90-something% of users saw improvement in their skin” statement.  Wonderful…

Bare Minerals’ Starter Kit

…until I noticed a red rash on my cheeks and forehead.  I thought it was sunburn.  My face started to burn–I thought it was sunburn.  OMG I developed some cystic acne on one of my cheeks–okay.  This isn’t sunburn.

So I googled and googled, and I discovered–hey!  I’m not alone.  There are dozens of ladies out there who loved the makeup at first, but it didn’t work out…because they were allergic.  And hey, whatdayaknow, most of them are allergic to nickel as well.  I guess the main culprit is bismuth oxychloride, which is a trigger for people who have sensitive skin, like me.

I was really dissapointed, I really liked Bare Minerals!  Wah.  I’m going to try and return it, so we’ll see how it goes.

I guess the silver lining is that in my search, I learned that a good portion of my fellow allergy suffers have switched to a brand called Everyday Minerals.  It’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t have bismuth oxychloride in it (it’s actually got a very very very short ingredients list).  I ordered a little set of samples, so I’ll report back once I get to try them!


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