Switch2Health: Pedometer/ Pedometer Watch

I’m all for exercising, and I realize that the big payoff is having a healthy mind and body!  But wouldn’t it be great if say…after a week’s worth of jogging, you got…an iTunes gift card?  Or a Sports Authority one?  or maybe Hope Depot, if that’s your thing?

Well, that actually happens if you own a Switch2Health pedometer or pedometer watch!

I know, I can’t believe it either.  I first saw this in Self or Shape Magazine.  One of those.  It’s pretty neat, I think.  MAN I should have bought one before I left for Japan–we walk EVERYWHERE here.  I would have racked up enough to buy a new pair of running shoes!

This is the pedometer watch, the S2H Replay:

S2H Replay ($28)

and this is the regular pedometer, the S2H Step:

S2H Step ($28)

I’d totally recommend going to their respective sites to see the rules, it looks like there are different award rates for each device?  I want to say…the Step gives you a code after 10,000 steps but the Replay gives you a code for an hour of activity.  Interesting.

So what do you think?  I want to say the Step is more for me, then I can wear it all day and running afterwards (and earn gift cards!).  For most people, I’d say the Replay is more useful because it doubles as a watch.  I plan on buying a wrist heart-rate monitor…so I think I’d feel a bit funny wearing two watches.  Haha.  :]



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