Finally Home!

Ahhhh it feels SO. GOOD. to be home.  :]

Pic I took of Koi at Glover Garden, Nagasaki

The last two weeks have been vacation for me, so here’s what we did:

– Went to a bunch of major Japanese cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka.
– Ate the (in)famous sulfur hard boiled eggs at Hakone
– Went to a Sumo Tournament!
– Went to the Osaka Aquarium.  No whale shark. 😦
– Saw Geisha.  Or rather, saw Maiko walking to their next appointments.
– Visited TEMPLES upon TEMPLES upon TEMPLES.
– Ate sashimi at Tsukiji Fish Market
– Ate a bunch of Green Tea “soft cream” cones
– Shopped.  :]

The Japanese have a very different beauty regiment then we do in the US.  It’s extremely focused on preventing sun damage.  It’s WONDERFUL.  The Japanese make the best sunscreen ever!  Look out for a bunch of Japanese Beauty Product reviews, haha.

Oh,Hawaii, I’ve missed you.


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