Island Sole

[I know I promised Japanese Beauty reviews, and don’t worry!  Those are coming!  I want to do them right though–when I take pictures the easy way, with my iPad camera, things tend to come out grainy and blurry.  Darn that iPad2 camera.  😦  I’m working on it!]

So the first thing I bought when I came home was a new pair of slippers.  For those of you from Hawaii, you totally understand.  For everyone else–slippers or sandals are a must-have when living in Hawaii!  I barely wear shoes here, only when I’m running.

My pair of Reefs were hanging on for dear life, so I strolled on to Island Sole at Ala Moana (Yelp!  You can read my review there).  I got top-notch customer service and I walked around with the most beautiful pair of Olukai slippers EVER.

And yes.  They were $100.

Olukai Haiku Elua Sandals

YES a hundred dollars.  B also wears slippers everyday, but he thinks its a bit too much.  I totally disagree!  If these are going to become my primary footwear, I think it’s totally worth it.  I further justify my (perhaps extravagant purchase) as being totally acceptable by these facts:

  • They have an orthopedic footbed.  Which means arch support.  These babies make my feet happier then anything I’ve ever worn before.  I am in love!
  • They are also made of handstitched leather.  I think they are beautiful.
  • Buy Local!  Island Sole is a local company with great products and great service.  It makes me very happy to buy stuff from them.

If you’re ever at any of the major malls on Oahu (Ala Moana, Pearlridge, or Kahala Mall), stop by Island Sole!  You can’t miss the really cute Nene goose logo they have.  They’ve got all kinds of slippers for all walks of island life.


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