Japanese Makeup Review: KATE Wide Eyeshadow Palette

Before Japan, I didn’t wear makeup that often.  Or course I’d get dressed up for events, but I was more of a skincare kind of girl.

That all changed when I went to Japan.  All of the women wear makeup.  EVERYONE.  If you walk around Shibuya, everyone has lined eyes, flawless skin, and mile-long lashes.  Even the cashier girl at McDonalds is all made up.  I went to a sumo tournament, and the young janitor had fake eyelashes.  I read/heard somewhere that there’s a negative connotation towards Japanese women to go out in public without makeup?  I’m not really sure if its true…but I noticed that the style is a lot different than America–its like the goal in Japan is to look as naturally made up/beautiful/pretty as possible.  But anyway…

One of the Japanese brands that I picked up is called KATE.  If I remember correctly, it’s part of the Kanebo family.  Here’s their English website–the packaging reminds me of Rimmel and MAC.

And here’s one of their new products!  This is the KATE WIDE EDGE EYES eyeshadow palette, which retails for about 1,600 yen.  It’s an eyeshadow palette designed to make your eyes look bigger using the light-difusing “eye-widening control pearl”.  The color I picked up was BR-1.

KATE Wide Edge Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

There are 5 colors:
A. Eyebase – semi-shimmery fleshtone
B. Highlight – shimmery gold
C. Wide Control Pearl – super shimmery rose gold
D. Medium – semi-shimmery dark brown
E. Deep – semi-shimmery darker brown

And this is how it’s supposed to be applied:

KATE Wide Eyes application instructions

WHOA.  This palette is EXTREMELY shimmery/sparkly.  The shimmer shows up extra strong on me, since I have darker skin.  Perhaps not for the office, but it’d be something fun to wear on First Fridays!

I’m kind of disappointed in the shadows–they aren’t that pigmented, so when you try and grab more color, you end up making your eye waaay more sparkly then you intend.  I thought they blended well but felt kind of chalky on my brush.

I applied it very very lightly, and this is what it looks like–no mascara.

It doesn’t translate as well on camera as it does in person but my eyelid is SUPER SHIMMERY.  Haha.  I should have applied more of the darker (more matte) shades to try and balance it out…but then I feel like I would be wearing way more eyeshadow then I’d normally apply.  The rose gold is a pretty shade but if I applied it like I normally would (with the highlighter color), my eye would be bathed in glitter.  I think the rose gold, in particular, shows up better on paler skin–it kind of blends into my skintone.  The medium/deep shades seemed just like regular eyeshadow.

Overall, I’d give it a 6/10.  Sparkly eyeshadows aren’t really my thing, but its fun for nights out and it does blend well.  I think I’ll pass on buying it again.


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