Koa Sunglasses (with updates)

Random thought: Whenever I’m in Japan, I notice that…I’m the only one wearing sunglasses?  Maybe there’ll be another girl who’s got a pair, but usually it’s just me.  EVEN when it’s summer and blazingly bright outside!  Does anyone know why?

But anyway, back to the topic–I know Oakley makes a pair of sunglasses with the Hawaiian Flag on the O logo.  I want to say that they’re sold only in Hawaii (and perhaps online).  People go crazy for these because they’re neat!  I love Oakleys and all, but if one is looking to stand out a little more…

…then look no further than these beauties from Sire Crown.

Sire Crown’s Koa Sunglasses (Dylan) – $349

If you’ve been to Ala Moana in the past year or so, then I’m sure you’ve seen these SOMEWHERE.  They’re sold locally through Martin and Macarthur and they’re usually showcased in the window display (Macy’s side, kind of across from the Apple Store).   I’ve seem them featured in the shopping center’s magazine a bunch of times..  I really like them!  They look like Raybans, haha.

For $349, they’re kind of pricey but it is koa after all.  My only complaint is that I wish the lenses were polarized, but they definitely make for cool local style.

EDIT – I changed my mind.  I didn’t realize they were handmade, $349 is def. a fair price, especially for such a beautiful pair of glasses.  And a polarized version does exist!  (Thank you Chris)  AH I’m going to buy a pair.

Besides the Koa, I’m in love with the wood, “Purple Heart.”  It would match my favorite Tribal Style earrings!


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