Japanese Makeup Review: Shiseido Anessa BB Cream

Remember my first week in Japan?  I was so freaking excited to find Shiseido’s Anessa BB cream.  It seemed perfect!  It was a darker shade, had SPF 50, and it was SHISEIDO!  I was raised to love this brand.

However, it just wasn’t meant to be.  😦

So where to start.  The basics, I guess.
– Retails for about 2100Y (roughly $26 US)
– Comes in two shades–Light and Natural (Darker)
– Comes in a 30g tube
– SPF 50+, PA+++

I was really excited, but this product totally didn’t live up to my expectations.  I didn’t really like the consistency–it’s kind of thick, more like a foundation.   It doesn’t blend as well as I’d like, even on top of a moisturizer.

Left side -blended in, it’s very sheer but it looks ashy. 😦

Once I blended it in as much as I could, I thought Anessa BB made my skin look very ashy.  It’s sheer enough, but it felt almost like it was stealing away my color.  😦  This is probably due to the fact that I’m darker then 90% of Japanese girls, so fair skinned ladies might have more luck with this product.  After letting it sit for a while, my skin still felt kind of waxy and sticky.  Combined with the ashy-ness, I was totally not feeling this product.

After reading a few other blogs, it seems like the general consensus is that Shiseido’s Anessa BB isn’t really…a BB cream.  I think it’s more of a super sheer foundation with an extremely high SPF.  For that price and for what I got, I would definitely not purchase this again.  There are a lot of other products on the market that do a much better job, and a good portion of them are cheaper.  Sorry Shiseido, loved the high SPF rating but I am not a fan.  Overall, 4/10.


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