Yuzu Love

Yuzu is…a citrusy fruit that looks kind of like a cross between a lemon and an orange.  The Japanese like the taste–they make yuzu flavored candy, yuzu drinks, yuzu salt.  They use it kind of like…the way a lemon would be used?  In fact, the signature drink of Japan Airlines is a Yuzu beverage.  It’s just the right amount of sweet–it’s very refreshing, especially if you’ve been on an airplane for the last 8 hours.  *sigh*

My favorite ways to eat Yuzu flavored things are:

1. Yuzu Salt 
The first time I had this, I was at a sushi restaurant in Japan.  The chef said the big fad in Tokyo was forgoing the traditional shoyu (soy sauce, it’s salty) for Yuzu Salt (salt in Japanese is shio).  It was AWESOME.  Funny thing–I never ate any sort of sushi with yuzu salt while I was in Tokyo.  I picked some up at a Japanese market–I plan on making white fish dishes with it.  Anyone want to come over for Yuzu Mahi Mahi?  Chef Shop recommends putting it on the rim of a glass with some Yuzu flavored liquor.  Mmm, that sounds a little better.

Chef Shop’s Yuzu Salt

2. Yuzu Honey
We were walking to a temple in Kyoto.  Usually, the streetpath to the temple gates is lined with vendors and little shops…and at one, I’ve had one of the best things I’ve ever had in my entire life–Yuzu Honey.  It was the perfect combination of sweet and citrus, I instantly shelled out 1500 yen for a bottle, no hesitation!  That makes it nearly a 20 bottle of honey.  It was so worth it.  The pamphlet that they gave me (thankfully in English) show the best ways of using this: mixing it with vodka, hot or cold water, or tea for a refreshing beverage.  Eat it with bread.  Or be like me and put a little bit on a spoon.  

Folkmann.ca — Yuzu Honey ❤

3. Yuzu Marmalade
I like it better then Strawberry Jam. Even Guava Jelly. I’d rather have this! I like it on my toast in the morning and Dean and Deluca suggests putting some in your tea or as a pie/pastry filling.

Dean and Deluca’s Yuzu Marmalade ($26)


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