S’mores Dip

Our friends are from the Big Island and whenever they go back home, they always want to go camping.  I haven’t gone camping in years!

My favorite parts are
– waking up early to sit on the beach and watch the sunrise
– BBQ party yeah!
– and of course….a huge bonfire with S’mores

But thanks to What Megan’s Making, I can still have s’mores when I can’t go camping.  Man, this S’mores Dip looks delicious (and I think I’ll make this for our next Girls Night In).  Click through for the recipe~

Megan’s S’mores dip


Wish List: Hawaii <3

I’m a sucker for Hawaii-themed prints. 

mereleemade’s Hawaii Love State Customizable Art Print ($16)

When we move, this is definitely going to be in my hallway.  B is from the Big Island (where the heart currently is in this print), but I’m from Oahu (3rd from the left).  Maybe merleemade can put two hearts for us?  :]

UNIQLO x Velvet Maxi Dress (for short girls!)

I am 5’3″. This dress does not drag on the ground. HURRAY!

UNIQLO x Velvet Maxi Dress ($29.90)

I love this dress!  It is fitted but not too clingy (I bought a L in Japanese sizing because it was the only one they had left.  It fits almost like an American Small.  I guess it’s supposed to fit loosely.  (Awesome…but a huge size/fit difference, no?) and I wear it with a cinch belt and some black T-strap sandals.  Perfect for summer! 🙂

Michelle Phan: Formal Event Makeup

Idk about you guys but my feeds have been EXPLODING with wedding pictures. Congratulations to all our newlywed friends!

I love weddings but I always struggle with my makeup.  I don’t want to look to over-done but I always feel that my look is too minimal, especially for something “fancy” like this.  ESPECIALLY when you take lots of pictures!

But that, my friends, is the reason why we have awesome makeup gurus like Michelle Phan, who happily share their effortless yet chic formal event makeup tips with us.  Thank goodness for Youtube.

Breakfast Cookies

1. No Sugar
2. No Eggs
3. No Butter
4. No Flour

And these babies still come out looking like this?

Blueberry Girl’s No Sugar Oat Drops

Sign me up!  Someone sent me this link and I’m pretty intrigued.  I’ve been trying to cut the [additional] sugar out of my diet so this recipe sounds like it’s just for me!   And as an awesome bonus–according to Blueberry Girl, these cookies have the perfect amount of protein and carbs to start your day.  That definitely sounds good to me.  :)Click over to Blueberry Girl’s blog for the ingredients and the instructions. I think the only thing that I don’t keep around the kitchen is coconut flakes.  And dates.  And nuts.  And I ran out of parchment paper.  *sigh*  I guess I have more shopping to do then I thought, but I’m looking forward to eating “cookies” for breakfast.