Breakfast Cookies

1. No Sugar
2. No Eggs
3. No Butter
4. No Flour

And these babies still come out looking like this?

Blueberry Girl’s No Sugar Oat Drops

Sign me up!  Someone sent me this link and I’m pretty intrigued.  I’ve been trying to cut the [additional] sugar out of my diet so this recipe sounds like it’s just for me!   And as an awesome bonus–according to Blueberry Girl, these cookies have the perfect amount of protein and carbs to start your day.  That definitely sounds good to me.  :)Click over to Blueberry Girl’s blog for the ingredients and the instructions. I think the only thing that I don’t keep around the kitchen is coconut flakes.  And dates.  And nuts.  And I ran out of parchment paper.  *sigh*  I guess I have more shopping to do then I thought, but I’m looking forward to eating “cookies” for breakfast.


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