DIY Workout Shirt

I would love (x 10^5) to have a closet full of Lululemon…but you know that isn’t going to be happening.  I have exactly one Lululumon item–their wonderful Scuba jacket (and I bought it on eBay, brand new with tags at a discount!).


But that’s okay!  Blogilates to the rescue!  Click through for their DIY workout shirt that will transform any ratty old t-shirt lying around your closet into something awfully cute to work out in.  Why thank you, this will be one of the most useful DIYs ever.

Blogilates’ DIY Workout Racerback T-Shirt

BTW, they’ve even got a video tutorial!  I think I’m going to turn some of B‘s old University of Hawaii shirts into cute belted tank dresses for football games.

(P.S. Happy August!  Holy cow, the year is just passing by so fast.  Wasn’t it February last week?)


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