DIY Ombre Nails (with only one nail polish color!)

I like ombre nails.  I really really like them.  Everytime a set pops up on my tumblr feed, I HAVE to click on the like button.  I could never justify buying an ombre poilsh set though.  It seemed silly to buy 5 nail polishes in the same color family!

The ladies at Birchbox have shared the secret for ombre nails and it’s waaaaay easier than I would have thought.  I thought you’d need some special thinner, etc. etc. etc.  All you need is a rich, vibrant shade of your favorite polish and ONE magic ingredient.

My current favorite is Teal We Meet Again (B has brainwashed me into knowing all of the words to the Eagles fight song.  Flyyyyy Eagles Flyyyyyy on the road to victoryyyyy)

Teal We Meet Again, SEPHORA by OPI, $9.50

And then here’s where the magic happens:  You get your plain jane white nail polish…and blend.  Tah-dah!  So simple.  I’ve mixed nail polishes before, why didn’t I think of this?

I think I’m going to experiment on my toes. :3

Birchbox’s Ombre Nails


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