Wishlist: Kat Reeder Prints

If you’re ever in Waikiki and you walk past the Greenroom, you will see a pretty pretty canvas in the window that looks like this:

Kat Reeder’s Hawaiian Girls – $595

…know that one day, I will have that hanging in my house.  Once I own a house.  Omg, I love her prints.  The next time I’m in Waikiki, I’ve made up my mind–I’m going to buy them ($40 each! And I know which two I want).

And speaking of the awesomely talented Kat Reeder, she’s got a limited edition line for LeSportSac!  I want to say that these are only available in Hawaii.  Check ’em out!

Click through for Midweek’s feature on Kat Reeder’s LeSportSac line~

P.S. Happy Aloha Friday!

EDIT: P.S. I didn’t realize today was Statehood Day!  Although the majority of us are at work, (except for state workers.  I’m J) have a good day!  Maybe go to the Made in Hawaii festival this weekend?


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