Office Snacks – Ichigo (Strawberry) Trio

Strawberry Kit Kat

Strawberry Kit Kat (I’m addicted to instagram!)

My favorite Japanese kit kat flavors are…
1. Sakura Green Tea
2. Green Tea
3. Strawberry
4. Orange
5. Beni-Imo (Sweet Potato)

I thought wasabi was okay (a little unusual) , edamame was good (nothing too out of the ordinary), and… Tiramisu and Strawberry cake!  I forgot about those, and Dark Chocolate too.  Those were are all pretty tasty but tea reigns supreme for me.

What’s your favorite? ^_^  (And do other countries have special kit kat?  Hawaii has a lot of Japanese visitors, I can imagine…a pineapple flavored kit kat.)


2 thoughts on “Office Snacks – Ichigo (Strawberry) Trio

  1. Sweet Potato kit-kat, now that’s something I can get into . What about Daigaku Imo kit kat? Even better. I will concur that the sakura matcha variety is a fantastic addition; every time I’m at Narita Airport (which is too infrequent), that’s on the list of must-buys.

    • I’ve never heard of Daigaku Imo! I’ll keep an eye out for that one next time~

      I’ super curious about the odd ones like…miso? Or grilled corn. Or shoyu! Haha. 🙂

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