3 Month Glossy Box Subscription – Refinery 29 (Limited Run, 10 hours left!)

EDIT: I bet the majority of you guys are okay but FYI, Glossybox doesn’t ship to Hawaii.  WAH I’m so sad.  What will I do???????? 😦


Happy Thursday!

I’m finally breaking out of my Beauty Sample Box shell.  Birchbox is my good ‘ol trusty service but I’ve always wanted to branch out and try something new.  I’ve had my eye on GlossyBox for a while but dang!  $21/ month!  That’s kind of pricey for me.

So I just got this offer in my email and I figured I’d share:

Quick! Only 10 hours left at 8AM Hawaii Time

$60 for 3 months of GlossyBox.  That’s not bad, ESPECIALLY if you google Refinery29 coupon codes (hint hint $10 off).

Why did I cave in?  

  1. Coupon Code.  Haha.
  2. It comes out to $16.67 a month.  That’s saving $5 on their one-time subscription.   Not bad, especially if you want to try something a bit more high-end.
  3. The upcoming boxes sound really sweet.  September’s box will be a Fall Inspirations selection.  October will be Luxury of Wellness.  And November will be a special R29 selection called the HitKit!
  4. Said Hit Kit will come with: Missha BB Cream, Phyto Phytonectar Oil, vbeaute Rub-Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator, Lierac Creme Mesolift Moisturizer, Rosebud Lip Balm, plus an extra-special FULL-SIZE gift-with-purchase.  Did it just say…BB cream?  I’m in.

So…as of 8AM Hawaii time, there were about 10 hours left to snag this deal.  I figured, why not? 

You don’t need an R29 invite to sign up, but if you’d like an invite just leave a comment and I’ll shoot one over.  Have a good day!


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