Big Island Bees

I’m hungry.  This is what I’m craving ATM:  HONEY. The next time we visit B‘s family, I am buying a couple jars of Big Island Bees Honey.  I love honey!  I could eat honey every day, especially with breakfast.  It’s awesome on toast, in tea, or in my Greek yogurt.  Or on pancakes.

Big Island Bees Honey Sampler Collection – $32

Why Big Island Bees Honey?

  1. This honey is produced from rare flowers (the ‘Ohia lehua blossom only grows in Hawaii)
  2. The varieties are all single-floral, which means the bees only harvest from one type of nectar.  You’ll get a distinct taste with each one.
  3. Organic, Raw, Unheated, Unfiltered.
  4. C’mon, its made on the Big Island of Hawaii!

A girl from my office claims that after she switched to local honey, her allergies got significantly better. I  better start feeding this to B, his allergies always flare up when he goes home.

P.S.  If any of you are on Oahu, I’ve seen this honey at the Made in Hawaii Festival (August), and at TJ Maxx (Ward).  I would also like to say Whole Foods (Kahala) or the fancy/gourmet/organic section in Foodland, but I’m not 100%.

P.P.S. Also for Oahu-ians, they sell Oahu grown local honey at the majority of the major farmers markets.  For sure at the Blaisdell (Wednesdays) or at KCC (Saturday mornings).


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