Aloha Shirts for Aloha Friday

I think guys in Aloha Shirts are sexy–they look polished yet comfortable and casual at the same time!  I mean, EVERYONE wears them but cute local boys wearing slightly vintage Aloha wear?  Mmm.  There’s nothing better.

If you’re looking for something outside of the regular Reyn Spooner or Tori Richard prints, why not give Roberta Oak‘s shirts a try?  I’ve been seeing them around more and more around town and I love it–they are bold, bright, and eyecatching, but still capture the effortless chic Aloha spirit.

Amazon – $105

Wild Black Aloha – $92

Navigation Slate – $92



Hawaii Eats: Tadashi Japanese Restaurant

Growing in Hawaii means that I was raised with eating Sushi! Kaiten (Sushi Go Round aka Genki Sushi) restaurants popped up when I was a kid so I have a LOVE of all sorts of sushi. Over the years, my favorites are salmon (YUM!), ikura, and spicy ahi.

But now that I’m older and trying to eat less…rice…I’ve been moving away from regular nigiri (rice with a piece of something on it) and towards…sashimi donburi!


Salmon and Ikura Don ❤ — My lunch last weekend

Donburi means “bowl” in Japanese.  This is a Salmon and Ikura Don from a Pearl City restaurant called Tadashi Restaurant.  As you can see, it came with HUGE quality pieces of salmon (or sake, like the drink), ikura (salmon roe), and tamago (sweet egg).  There is some sushi rice underneath.

Oh, do you see that leaf?  It’s called a shiso leaf.  The Japanese wrap the leaves around the sashimi.  It’s a bit weird at first but it really does bring out the flavor of the fish.  Yum!

And because someone asked–nope, fresh, sashimi quailty salmon does not smell fishy at all.  I swear, it melts like butter in your mouth, it’s sooooo good.

P.S. If you guys are interested in sushi, add Jiro Dreams of Sushi to your Netflix!  Seriously, Jiro’s sushi is like…art.  I’ve seen his place when I’ve walked through the Ginza Station, OMG!  I’m going to start saving, just so I can eat here (one meal can cost $300-400, but I’ve heard it’s worth it.)

Neat Cases for Your Brand Spanking New iPhone 5

So…I don’t have an iPhone.  I jumped ship two years ago for Android.  It’s a lot different on the other side but the one thing I have missed the most are ACCESSORIES!  I miss having cute cases and pretty Instagram cropping apps and…


To the rest of you non-Android people, with your beautiful shiny (and long?  or tall?) iPhone 5: please enjoy it for me.  (I have a long time left on my contract.  Blah.)

So because it’s totally new shape, I’d imagine you’ll be needing new duds for your phone, am I right?

You’ll probably be needing a new case.

Wood Grain Case – $16.99 – Decouartshop

Or two.

Greek Key – $48 – HarperGray

Or perhaps one of these nifty handmade wallet things.  I really like these.

Handmade iPhone 5 Sleeve with Case Holder – $42 – grams28

And imagine, these are just the preorders.  There’ll be so much cute stuff on the market in a couple of months!  Maybe it’s time to jump ship again.


All you need are two ingredients.  Can you believe that?  TWO ingredients?

Nutella Frozen Yogurt 

Here’s the recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings (via ireallylikefood @ xanga)

Nutella Frozen Yogurt


  • 1/4 cup Nutella
  • 1 cup fat free plain Fage greek strained yogurt
  • Sugar (OPTIONAL, if you prefer a sweet yogurt instead of tart. I would start with 3tbsp and work my way up from there until it reaches your desired sweetness)


1. Put ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Pour into your ice cream maker and follow ice cream maker instructions

Seems so simple!  I think it’s time to invest in an ice cream maker.

Wishlist: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker Wedge

I’m always a bit late to the Nike-Trend-Of-The-Summer party.

A couple of years ago, I missed these:

Nike Gladiateur II – Jimmy Jazz

And it seems like this year, I’m off to a late start in wishing for these:

Nike Dunk Sky Hi

Sneakers with a wedge in ’em!  I first saw something like it in Shape Magazine (I think Jillian Michaels was wearing them).  I even saw something similar in the window display at Sketchers!  I know there are a bunch of these on the market now but I’m smitten with Nike’s version.

I can’t find these on the Nike store but somewhat success!  They’re on Nordstrom’s website (and on but I don’t think they offer free shipping and returns).  Nordstrom only has the Red/Black and White/Purple combos in stock (we missed the limited edition Liberty colab.  Darn!) and they retail for $120.

Red/Black – Finishline

I like them!  I think they’re a clever way to combine height with your favorite kicks.  The only thing I’m worried about is if they’re heavy/clunky feeling on the feet, but I’m not too worried.  I’d probably style them ala Erica of My Free Choice.

So cute! – My Free Choice