Wishlist: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker Wedge

I’m always a bit late to the Nike-Trend-Of-The-Summer party.

A couple of years ago, I missed these:

Nike Gladiateur II – Jimmy Jazz

And it seems like this year, I’m off to a late start in wishing for these:

Nike Dunk Sky Hi

Sneakers with a wedge in ’em!  I first saw something like it in Shape Magazine (I think Jillian Michaels was wearing them).  I even saw something similar in the window display at Sketchers!  I know there are a bunch of these on the market now but I’m smitten with Nike’s version.

I can’t find these on the Nike store but somewhat success!  They’re on Nordstrom’s website (and on FinishLine.com but I don’t think they offer free shipping and returns).  Nordstrom only has the Red/Black and White/Purple combos in stock (we missed the limited edition Liberty colab.  Darn!) and they retail for $120.

Red/Black – Finishline

I like them!  I think they’re a clever way to combine height with your favorite kicks.  The only thing I’m worried about is if they’re heavy/clunky feeling on the feet, but I’m not too worried.  I’d probably style them ala Erica of My Free Choice.

So cute! – My Free Choice


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