Neat Cases for Your Brand Spanking New iPhone 5

So…I don’t have an iPhone.  I jumped ship two years ago for Android.  It’s a lot different on the other side but the one thing I have missed the most are ACCESSORIES!  I miss having cute cases and pretty Instagram cropping apps and…


To the rest of you non-Android people, with your beautiful shiny (and long?  or tall?) iPhone 5: please enjoy it for me.  (I have a long time left on my contract.  Blah.)

So because it’s totally new shape, I’d imagine you’ll be needing new duds for your phone, am I right?

You’ll probably be needing a new case.

Wood Grain Case – $16.99 – Decouartshop

Or two.

Greek Key – $48 – HarperGray

Or perhaps one of these nifty handmade wallet things.  I really like these.

Handmade iPhone 5 Sleeve with Case Holder – $42 – grams28

And imagine, these are just the preorders.  There’ll be so much cute stuff on the market in a couple of months!  Maybe it’s time to jump ship again.


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