Hawaii Eats: Tadashi Japanese Restaurant

Growing in Hawaii means that I was raised with eating Sushi! Kaiten (Sushi Go Round aka Genki Sushi) restaurants popped up when I was a kid so I have a LOVE of all sorts of sushi. Over the years, my favorites are salmon (YUM!), ikura, and spicy ahi.

But now that I’m older and trying to eat less…rice…I’ve been moving away from regular nigiri (rice with a piece of something on it) and towards…sashimi donburi!


Salmon and Ikura Don ❤ — My lunch last weekend

Donburi means “bowl” in Japanese.  This is a Salmon and Ikura Don from a Pearl City restaurant called Tadashi Restaurant.  As you can see, it came with HUGE quality pieces of salmon (or sake, like the drink), ikura (salmon roe), and tamago (sweet egg).  There is some sushi rice underneath.

Oh, do you see that leaf?  It’s called a shiso leaf.  The Japanese wrap the leaves around the sashimi.  It’s a bit weird at first but it really does bring out the flavor of the fish.  Yum!

And because someone asked–nope, fresh, sashimi quailty salmon does not smell fishy at all.  I swear, it melts like butter in your mouth, it’s sooooo good.

P.S. If you guys are interested in sushi, add Jiro Dreams of Sushi to your Netflix!  Seriously, Jiro’s sushi is like…art.  I’ve seen his place when I’ve walked through the Ginza Station, OMG!  I’m going to start saving, just so I can eat here (one meal can cost $300-400, but I’ve heard it’s worth it.)


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